Sully First Reformed Church

Legacy Project Stewardship Tip Sheet
(click here for printable version of tips)

How can you give to the Legacy Project now?
1. Designated 2nd Plate Offerings
       a. The first one took place June 10th. Watch for details on future offerings.

2. Matching Funds (updated 6/21/12)
       a. Check with your employer to see if they offer a matching fund program for charitable organizations.
              i. Pella Corporation has a matching gift program for building projects for local houses of worship. Our request has
                  been approved as of June 19, 2012!  Any Pella Corporation employee or retiree who attends FRC can make gifts to
                  our building project and these gifts will be matched by the Pella Rolscreen Foundation.   The window of time for
                  these Matching Gifts will be from June 19, 2012 to June 19, 2015. The total amount of Matching Gifts for this
                  project cannot exceed $100,000.  The required matching gift forms are available in the church office and can
                  also be downloaded by clicking here for Pella Corp Matching Gift form .   
            ii. We are checking into Vermeer’s program.
       b. Please let us know if your employer does have a program and, if there is a need, we can help with application forms.

3. Fundraising
       a. There are many possibilities for fundraisers such as a golf tournament, concert, auction, scrap metal drive, etc. Watch
            for details on upcoming opportunities and let the committee know if you are interested in volunteering.

4. Stocks and Bonds
       a. Give appreciated stock that has been held more than one year.
             i. Don’t sell first and give the cash, transfer the stock directly.
            ii. The church has an account setup through Great Western bank.  Contact the church office for account information
                  at 641-594-2935 ext. 1. (updated 6/19/12)

5. Grain Delivery
       a. Stored on the farm or grain harvested this fall (updated 6/19/12)
             i. Deliver grain to the cooperative and get a transfer document to the FRC Building Fund grain account. Deliver the  
                 transfer document with a grain transfer letter to the church regarding the donation. The church office has sample
                 letters available and can also be downloaded on our church website at
                         Grain Transfer Form (click here)        Grain Transfer Letter (click here)
       b. Stored at a cooperative:
             i. Provide a transfer form to your grain elevator and provide a copy of the form and storage receipt to the church. The
                 church office has sample transfer forms available.
                         Grain Transfer Form (click here) 
        c. The FRC Building Fund has grain accounts with Heartland Co-op and Key Co-op.

6. Products and/or Services.
       a. Merchants may be willing to donate items such as windows. Please contact the Committee if you have any ideas or

7. Anytime!
       a. Contact the church office and make a designated offering to the Building Fund.

How can you leave a Legacy later?
1. Life Insurance Policies
       a. Designate the church as beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
       b. Open a charity-owned life insurance policy and contribute the annual premiums which are paid by the church.

2. Trusts and Wills
       a. Designate the church as a beneficiary in your will or trust document.