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Please complete the information below.  Registration end date is Thursday, November 2.  If you have questions, contact Julie Van Manen by phone at (641) 594-2935 ext. 5 or email ( for Route 45(4th & 5th grade) or Lynn Dunsbergen by phone at 641-891-4864 or for Kidz Movie Nite (K - 3rd grade).   For a printed version of the registration form, click here.

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I give my permission for the staff of Kidz Movie Nite and Route 45 to provide emergency medical treatment.

Name of parent (w/date) granting approval.

Kidz Movie Nite/Route 45 has my permission to photograph or videotape my child(ren).  These photos may be released for use on the church website or local media for promotional and informational purposes.

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