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Summary of the Legacy Tree Fund Raiser

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How do I get more information on this fundraiser?

You can contact any of the Legacy Building Project fundraiser committee members.  There is more information in the attached Legacy Tree Fundraiser document or you can contact any of the Legacy Project Fund Raising Committee members listed below.  

What do I do if I have a leaf and later need to make changes to the names or information?
Each leaf is attached to the Legacy Tree individually.  So leaves can easily be removed and replaced with a new leaf to reflect the changes.  For example, a family who has an additional child could replace their leaf to reflect the additional name at a nominal cost.

We have maxed out the number of leaves on the Legacy Tree at 335 leaves.  A BIG thank you to all involved.

    At the present time we are doing some investigation on adding some additional leaves in the future.  At the present time, we do not have any additional requests for leaves.  The reason for doing investigating now is because it will be much easier for our present supplier to produce additional space since he has the specs on the original tree.
    A picture of our present tree and the additional wings is shown below.
    If you or somebody you know wants to be a part of the Legacy Tree, please contact the church office at 641-594-2935 ext. 1 or email at
    We are not asking for any money at this time.  We only want to see if there is enough demand to expand our present Legacy Tree.  Thank you!


Fundraising/Finance Building Committee

Jerry Kunce, Chairman                Mike Rozendaal
Jason Van Zante                            Monica Nikkel
John Terpstra                                 Jeff Vander Molen
Bryan De Jong