Sully First Reformed Church

Sunday School

Sunday School Class rooms and teachers 2016/17

Beginner Department – Lynn Dunsbergen, Nicole Dunsbergen - pianist

3 year olds – Room #7 & #9 (east side of basement)

  • Amy Harthoorn & Suzanne Rozendaal,

Marlene Rozendaal & Lisa Dunsbergen

4 year olds – Room #7 & #9

  • Ryan & Carrie Mortvedt

Annette Zimmerman & Kara Warrick

Pre – KindergartenChildren in worship area – new rooms

  • Steph Young & Cayla Wichhart

Kindergarten – Children in worship area – new rooms

  • Carna De Jong & Emily Van Manen

Primary Department –Julie Van Manen

1st Grade– Room #3 (west side of basement)

  • Joni Collins & Julie Van Wyk

2nd 3rd & 4th Grade- Room #1 (west side of basement)

  • Verlan Brand

Middle School – Andrew Scholten

5th & 6th GradeThe Lighthouse – (upstairs above wing)

  • Nick De Penning, Mel Vos & Tim Vanden Hoek

7th & 8th Grade – The Lighthouse (upstairs above wing)

  • Bob Scandridge & Bruce Dunsbergen

High School

9th & 10th Grade – The Well (west side of basement)

  • Kurt Harthoorn

11th & 12th Grade – The Well (east side of basement)

  • Tammy Sneller & Ryan Mortvedt (substitute: Craig Maasdam)

Adult Sunday school – Sunday School Guide – old office

  • Gary Van Genderen, Ryk De Goey, Ralph J. Van Wyk, Glenn Vanderpol & Gerald Droppert

Adult Sunday school – “To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain”– meet in the Legacy Center

  • Bryan Rozendaal & Gary Van Genderen


Sunday School Curriculum

3 & 4 year olds:—Hands on Bible: Joseph, David & Goliath, Daniel & His Friends

Pre-K & Kindergarten:—Scripture Press: We See God’s Care, We Can Care for Others, We Can Show Thanks

1st thru 4th Grade:  Kid Connection : Living Proof, That’s the Spirit, God’s Special Agent

5th & 6th Grade:  Scripture Press: God Makes a World, Sin Enters the World, The Flood and Tower

7th & 8th Grade:—Dive:  Worship, Justice & Prayer

9th & 10th grade:—Heidelberg Catechism

11th & 12th grade:—Living Your Faith in a Messed Up World